Endometrial Ablation is a procedure to remove or destroy the lining of the womb to treat heavy periods. This is done by passing special instruments into the cavity of the womb though the vagina and the neck of the womb. The procedure is only suitable for women who have completed their families and reliable contraception must be used following this treatment.

Endometrial ablation is effective in approximately 85% of women.

The risks are small and include (but not limited to) heavy bleeding, infection and perforation of the womb (making a hole in the womb). If there is a perforation of the uterus, you may need additional procedures such as laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) or laparotomy (open surgery) to fix any damage that may have been cause.

Majority of women experience only mild period-type cramps after the procedure. You may have vaginal bleeding which will settle down within a few days. You may also have vaginal discharge which could last 2 -4 weeks.